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Episode 189: Let's End on an Odd Number

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Journal History

Final Episode!

Special Guests

Below are the special guests that we've had on our show and links to the episodes where you can listen to us interview them!

:iconnazegoreng: Nazegoreng

One of the best pony (and other things) plush-makers we've seen! Have you ever seen a pony plushie and just lost control of your bottom jaw for a while? It was probably one of Nazegoreng's creations! We sit down and just listen in awe to how she got into her craft and how she evolved her style into one of the most recognisable and adorable ones we've seen yet!

Go and watch our interview and see what we mean here!

:iconshinodage: ShinodaGE

Have you ever seen high quality pony graffiti posted around the web? Chances are they came from ShinodaGE! This guy does amazing work with paint and empty walls to create fantastic show-like graphics for all the world to see, as well as being a fantastic digital artist at the same time. Seriously, does this guy have any talent to give to the rest of us or what!?

Go watch the Shinoda Shindig over here, dawg.

:icondarkflame75: DarkFlame75

Ever wondered why there is so much art of Luna in the fandom? Well look no further! Darkflame is one of the biggest Luna contributing artists around with his dailly blog Luna Doodle and profound love for the princess of the night. He's also the artist responsible for the Luna and Scootaloo blog Student of the Night. But more importantly, he's a real great artist and an all around awesome guy!

Check out our interview with XxLunaGod420xX here!

:iconwhitediamondsltd: WhiteDiamondsLtd

WhiteDiamonds was one of your first guests we ever had and one of the most fabulous! She's basically Rarity herself! She was a huge influential part of the fandom, and our show, when it is was young. Now 2 years later we have invited her back a second time to talk about her new amazing blog RariJack-Daily!

You just have to hear it darling, just click here!

:iconagamnentzar: Agamnentzar

One of the most talented traditional artists the fandom has to offer, Agamnentzar is famous for his absolutely stunning and even more adorable colored pencil artwork. Turns out, when we started our show we actually inspired him to make his Deviant Art account! What!? That's crazy! He started as a fan of our show, and now over the past two years he's made some amazing fanart for us and now we're even bigger fans of him!

Check out our interview with Agamaminznentazarrr here!

:iconvicse: vicse

He's a horse with an attitude and an air force trainee, and he's made some of the most awesome pony work you'll ever see! Visce is known for his amazingly detailed pony and athro work as well as his super unique style! And on top of all that he's an awesome guy to talk to!

Check out that awesome air-horse interview here!

:iconjadedjynx: JaDeDJynX

Do you like comics? Do you like My Little Pony? Then you're sure to love JaDeDJynX! Known for her ask blogs and MLP comic series My Little Sterelis and just generally being an awesome person!

Check the interveiw out here!

:iconthe-paper-pony: The-Paper-Pony

Have you ever wondered how The-Paper-Pony makes those cool shadow boxes? Well wonder no more! Just watch our interview with the cool people behind this uncommon art form and you'll learn everything you'll have ever wanted to know!

Just click here!

:icontsaoshin: TsaoShin

Our special guest this week was none other than the amazing TsaoShin! If you're a fan of Ponies, Pokemon, Disney, Dragons, Pixar or ANYTHING, you're going to want to see this interview!

You can do just that by clicking here!

:iconassasinmonkey: AssasinMonkey

This week, we interviewed the great AssasinMonkey and spent an hour talking to him about where he came from, how he got started and what drives him to create his uniquely-styled art!

You can watch us monkey around with him here!

Main Six Episodes

Rarity with SilverRainclouds
Twilight Sparkle with Rain-Gear
Pinkie Pie with eillahwolf and SmoothSailingPony
Rainbow Dash with MummifiedThunderbird
Fluttershy with xargos32
Applejack with Thraten

:iconleekfish: LeekFish

This week we talked to LeekFish, another awesome pony con artist! Listen to us ramble on about what it's like working for conventions, how to work in loads of different styles, and a whole lot more general nonsense. See if you can spot our super secret special guest too ;)

Listen to us ramble on here!

:iconcelebi-yoshi: Celebi-Yoshi

Join us as we discuss all kinds of fanarts with the lovely Celebi-Yoshi! We talk about not only pony, but also Pokemon and all sorts of other things too! We discuss her techniques, her cosplays and pretty much everything that's cool, come watch!

You can watch or listen to us here!

:icongraystripe64: Graystripe64

This week we interviewed the very talented Graystripe64, a pony artist that everyone should recognise. We spend an hour talking to her about all sorts of things from pony to Disney, and you may catch RainbowPlasma fangirling over Warriors Cats.

Come and listen to the madness here!

:iconnanook123: nanook123

nanook123 was the artist for BroNYCon 2013 and does some pretty amazing art of her own as well! Learn with us as we go in depth with her about her art and what life is like as a con artist!

You can watch and listen to our interview with her here!

:iconwarpout: WarpOut
:iconoctaviaplz: ZeusAssassin

These fine folk are 2 of the creators behind the up-and-coming MLP game, My Little Investigations. They talked at length about the artwork that's gone into the game, the creative processes behind it and a whole host of other information that any fan of the game would love to know!

You can listen to (one) of us interview them here!

:iconlionheartcartoon: Lionheartcartoon
:iconanima-dos: Anima-dos

Yep! The creators of Children of the Night are back again to talk about their project, the creative process they went through, the art behind it and all of the work they put into finally completing it! It's been a year since we last spoke to them both together and it was a pleasure to have them back!

You can watch our episode with them here!

:iconjiayi: Jiayi

Jiayi is a fantastic artist who doesn't only focus on MLP. She's an active member of quite a few fandoms and all of the art she makes is amazing, regardless of characters. We've featured a few pieces of hers on the show before, so it was great to get to talk to her about her processes and how she creates her wonderful pieces of art!

You can watch our interview with Jiayi here!


Who hasn't seen Atryl's work around? If you're a part of the MLP fandom then you know Atryl! His work started off adorable and just keeps getting better, he even made our profile picture up there while he was talking! Amazing!

You can listen to us dribble all over ourselves while interviewing him here!

:iconlatecustomer: LateCustomer

LateCustomer (aside from being a fan) is a fantastic artist who uses a rather unique style. He uses black outlines and hard shading similar to what you'd find in comic books and many cartoons to convey emotions and movements in his pieces. Kind of what you'd expect from someone who runs a webcomic, right? =P

You can watch our interview with him here!

:iconsibsy: Sibsy

Sibsy is one of the people working on the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as a storyboard artist, part of the production team. She's also been involved in a few other cartoons that you know and love! She's also involved in the fandom, and loves all of your fanart! Definitely check out her page and give her a +Watch.

Then go and listen to our interview with her here!

:iconinuhoshi-to-darkpen: InuHoshi-to-DarkPen

InuHoshi-to-DarkPen is one of the most unique pony artists to date. Using her extensive artistic practise, she's managed to create a new and special pony style. It's a mix of realism and cartoon that blends seamlessly. She's definitely one of the most talented self-taught artists on the pony market today. Oh, and did we mention she's a fan of the show? Yep.

You can watch our interview with her here

:iconcosmicunicorn: CosmicUnicorn

CosmicUnicorn is one of the most insightful artist the crusaders have ever had the pleasure of having on their show, she's both an amazing traditional artist, and a digital one. She's an art student, and is more than willing to share what she's learned with any of those who share a passion for learning and art.

You can watch our interview with her here

:icontygerbug: tygerbug

tygerbug is an amazing artist, director, and film maker who has made some of the most iconic brony art there is. From #Twilightlicious, to the acrylic paintings from BronyCon. He's also quite know from his talent in rambling, so much so he gives Bernd01 a run for his money.

You can watch our interview with him here

:iconblitzpony: BlitzPony

BlitzPony is known for her unique colorful, exciting, and stylistic outlines as well as amazing dynamic poses. She has some of the most unique and beautiful pony art around!

You can watch our interview with her here

:iconegophiliac: egophiliac

egophiliac's amazingly cute style makes her another artist that you've probably all seen. A lot of her work is scattered around the web on dA, forums, social media and pretty much anywhere else you can think of! She was a great guest and a fun interviewee.

You can watch our interview with her here

:iconwhitediamondsltd: WhiteDiamondsLtd

I'm pretty sure if you're here and have seen anything from the MLP fandom then you've no doubt seen something by WhiteDiamondsLtd, even if it's just from our previous episodes!

If you have a heart of stone then you should check her out. The stone (or crystal, as it were) heart is required to prevent it failing from the sheer amount of cuteness that fills her gallery!

You can watch our interview with WhiteDiamondsLtd here.

:iconpixelkitties: PixelKitties

One of the oldest (figuratively speaking!) brony artists out there! Pixel has been there since the beginning, and has worked on/with many collaborations and brony conventions! She's a wise one, and always continues to grab everyone's attention with her art.
Our interview with here is right here!

:iconalienfirst: alienfirst

An amazing artist (not only for pony) who has made a number of appearances at pony conventions and having stands in the Artist Alleys.
Our interview with her can be found here!

:iconhourglass-vectors: Hourglass-Vectors
:iconmrjjkb: MrJJKB
:iconellybethe: Ellybethe

These three are working on an ambitious project. They're part of the team working on making a full-length, fan-made MLP-FIM movie, and they're looking for help! Check their Tumblr
And, listen to us interview them here!

:iconjoey-darkmeat: Joey-Darkmeat

It's hard to look at pony group and not see something either made by Joey-Darkmeat himself, or something of his remade in vector form!
You can listen to (most of) us interview him here.

:iconveggie55: Veggie55

One of the big names in the MLP fandom, huge amount of great comics and a great guy to talk to!
His interview can be found here.

:iconanima-dos: Anima-dos

:iconlionheartcartoon: Lionheartcartoon

Creators of Children of the Night.
Our interview with them can be found here.


CutieArtCrusaders's Profile Picture
Cutie Art Crusaders
Welcome to the clubhouse of the Cutie Art Crusaders. The Crusaders are glad to welcome you in, and hope you enjoy the art they showcase. The C-A-C are made up of four artistic bronies just raring to share their love of art with the world! They are:

:iconrainbowplasma: RainbowPlasma
- As the guy who constantly keeps one eye on the stopwatch, it's his job to be the boring "we're running out of time" person. But he's Canadian, so that must mean he's one lovable moose, eh?

:iconbernd01: Bernd01
- This "intelligent" man sure packs a wallop of knowledge. Look to him for the most in-depth art info! However, make sure you set aside a good few minutes for the response!

:iconflutterguy317: flutterguy317
- He may be quiet, but don't underestimate him. When he gets going, he's one lean, mean, art loving machine! He's also the cutest of the four, so he's got that going for him, which is nice.

:iconatmospark: Atmospark
- Want an art question answered? This mischievous little man is your guy! Want to know what "Baroque" means? Always wondered how they get those tiny ships in the bottles? Probably best to ask someone else...

The Cutie Art Crusaders are on a mission: Find and discuss the best brony fanart! Join these four fumbling foals every Tuesday as they take an in-depth look at the amazing art produced by this fandom. They also will be hosting a wide variety of notable guest artists and animators, so look forward to some awesome art adventures!

Have any questions about the show? Email us at: "" or leave us a note here!

Our page on..

:iconbernd01plz: :iconsaysplz: YouTube
:iconflutterguy317plz: :iconsaysplz: Twitter
:iconmylittlpinkiedashplz: :iconsaysplz: Facebook

Questions Spreadsheet


Hi Everypony,

The final episode of the Cutie Art Crusaders airs in 15 minutes!  Come join us on our channel if you want to watch it!

Hi Everypony,

The last episode of the Cutie Art Crusaders airs tonight at 8:00 PM EDT (0:00 UTC) on our channel. In this finale episode, the CAC spend almost 3 hours discussing the history behind their podcast, some of their favorite moments, some of their worst or scariest moments, and their appreciation for their amazing fans. If you can join us in our stream we look forward to seeing you there (we're going to try to have as many of the CAC in the stream as possible)! If not, the episode will be up on our YouTube channel shortly afterwards.

CAC YouTube:…

Thanks for supporting us for these past almost-4 years and for being a constant motivation behind the podcast!

:iconcutieartcrusaders: CutieArtCrusaders

Cutie Art Crusaders:
:iconrainbowplasma: RainbowPlasma
:iconbernd01: Bernd01
:iconflutterguy317: flutterguy317
:iconatmospark: Atmospark
Hi Everypony!

Cutie Art Crusaders Episode 188: Vinaigrette airs tonight at 8:00 EDT (0:00 UTC) on our channel!!  This is the last regular episode for the CAC, and the four of them take one last look at some amazing MLP fan art before answering some mildly deep questions.  If you can make it to the stream we look forward to seeing you there!  If not, the episode will be up on our YouTube channel shortly afterwards!

CAC YouTube:…

Artists featured this week:
:iconunderpable: Underpable
:iconwillhemtier: WillhemTier
:iconviwrastupr: viwrastupr
:iconfreeedon: freeedon

Cutie Art Crusaders:
:iconrainbowplasma: RainbowPlasma
:iconbernd01: Bernd01
:iconflutterguy317: flutterguy317
:iconatmospark: Atmospark

What are your thoughts on a general, non-art podcast from the CAC cast members? 

53 deviants said Sounds interesting, but only if the current art podcast continues.
37 deviants said I'd like that!
6 deviants said I'm not really interested in the idea.
4 deviants said Other (leave a comment)


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